Homes With Honor


The Homes With Honor Veteran’s Housing Program is an initiative operated by Community Enterprise Investments, Inc. (CEII) in partnership with the National Community Stabilization Trust, and Bank of America. The Veterans Housing Program works to transform vacant, distressed, foreclosed single family homes into fully rehabilitated, quality homes for sale to low to moderate income U.S. military veterans. Properties listed under this program will be sold to eligible veterans and active military personnel for owner occupancy at a discount off the listed price.

Current Homes Available


U.S. military veterans must demonstrate that they have received honorable discharge orders if not engaged in active duty.   The household gross income cannot exceed 120% of the area median income (AMI) as established by HUD and adjusted for household size and specific to the location of the property. CEII determines income as defined in 24CFR Part 5 for all household income sources. Income limits by county can be accessed by clicking here (income guidelines).  If applicant is qualified as disabled by the Veteran’s Administration, CEII will exclude disability benefits from the Veteran’s Administration or other state and federal public benefits received by veterans (and only veterans) in the household.


Purchaser must be able to secure financing from a lender of their choosing.



CEII will discount properties under this program at 20% below the purchase price.


Forgiveness of Loan Terms

The purchase discount will be provided in the form of a no-interest, soft second lien forgivable over a 5 year affordability period at a rate of 1/5th per year annually. The assistance will be secured by a Promissory Note and Second Lien Deed of Trust. The borrower must occupy the property as their primary residence during the entire affordability period. An exception to the required affordability period will be provided for active military households that receive official relocation/transfer orders.

At no time may the property be leased or rented, used as a business, or conveyed. All or a portion of the second lien is due and payable to CEII if the property is no longer occupied as the primary residence of the borrower, or if the property is transferred, sold or refinanced within the affordability period. At the end of the affordability period, the lien is released by CEII upon request of the borrower.


Housing Counseling

Borrower must successfully complete the HUD approved Home Buyer Education Course conducted by CEII or another HUD-approved counseling agency at no charge, and meet with CEII housing advisor for an exit review prior to loan closing.



Contact CEII for the Veteran’s Housing Program packet, and submit to CEII for approval of program eligibility. Completed packets must be provided by hard copy and received at the CEII office located at 302 North Barcelona Street Pensacola, Florida.

Post Purchase

CEII offers post purchase, delinquency, and default counseling to all clients to ensure successful homeownership. All services are provided at no charge.

Program Changes

CEII reserves the right to make changes to the Homes with Honor Homebuyers’ Assistance program and the forms used in the program as needed or required throughout the duration of the program. These changes can be made without notification to the participating lenders or the public. However, CEII will endeavor to provide participating lenders with written notification of all changes to the program or forms in a timely manner.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or need any additional information about the Veteran’s Housing program, please contact Percy Goodman, Jr., Acting Executive Director for Community Enterprise Investments, Inc., at (850) 595-6234 ext. 211, or e-mail: pgoodman©

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